About Us

The League of Women Voters of Edina (LWVE) strives to make democracy work by promoting active and informed participation in government, increasing understanding of civic issues, and influencing public policy through education and advocacy.

LWVE is proud to join other Leagues throughout Minnesota and the U.S. as a nonpartisan organization, never supporting or opposing candidates or political parties at any level of government, while always working to grow, empower and protect the vote.

LWVE currently has more than 140 men and women members and is part of State League and National League of Women Voters. The League of Women Voters Edina has had an active role in Edina since 1954.

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LWVE Board Members
  • Colleen Feige, President · [email protected]
    952.935.5540 (h) · 952.240.6286 (m)
  • Susan Clark, 1st VP/Voter Service
  • Julie Rogers Bascom, 2nd VP/Communications Chair
  • Barb Barry, Secretary
  • Jean Tracy, Treasurer
  • Maggie Knack, Membership Chair
  • Idelle Longman, CMAL Liaison
  • Vaishali Jha, Outreach Chair
  • Joni Bennett, Events Co-Chair
  • Ellen Jones, Events Co-Chair
  • Mamie Segall, Positions/Program/Advocacy Chair
  • Chris Bremer, Racial Justice Action Committee Co-Chair
  • Ellen Kennedy, Racial Justice Action Committee Co-Chair
  • Anoushka Jha, Student Member
League of Women Voters Edina By-Laws

2022 Bylaws, Amended at the 2022 Annual Meeting

Bylaws as Amended at 2022 Annual Meeting