About Voter Registration

To vote on election day

You need to be on the official list of voters before you can vote. If you are not already registered, you can add your name to the list by filling out a Voter Registration Card. When you register, you must give the address where you are living at the time of the election. If you are a student living at school, you can register either at home or at school (but not both!) depending on which you consider your residence. It is illegal to vote at a former residence because the new occupants vote there.

Voter registration forms are available:

  • In several languages
  • At state, county, or city offices or libraries
  • When you apply for, renew or change your Minnesota Driver's License or ID card
  • In state income tax booklets
  • From the registrar's office at most Minnesota colleges, universities and technical schools
  • At many businesses, stores, and community organizations

After you've completed your voter registration card be sure to:
Mail in or drop off the completed card at the office of your city clerk, county auditor or the Secretary of State.

Same Day Voter Registration

Minnesota allows citizens to register on Election Day at the polls.

Bring one of the following documents with your current address:
  • Current MN driver's license, learner's permit, MN ID card, or receipt for any of these:
  • Student photo ID, registration or fee statement with current address, or only the student photo ID if your college has provided a list of students
  • A photo tribal ID with your name and signature (if tribal photo ID does not have address a current utility bill is needed)
  • A photo ID without current address together with a utility bill that contains your name, current address within the precinct with a payment due date within 30 days of the election
Acceptable photo ID's
  • MN drivers license, MN state ID
  • US passport, US military ID
  • College ID
  • Tribal ID
Acceptable Utility Bills or Other Documentation
  • cable, phone, cell phone
  • electric, gas, sewer, solid waste, water
  • previous registration in same precinct but different address
  • a "notice of late registration" postcard
If you have none of the above, a neighbor can vouch for you at the polls

Someone who is registered in the precinct where you live can vouch for you at the polling place. A voter who registers by this method may not confirm the residency of another voter on the day of the same election.

If you live in a residential facility, including nursing home, battered women's shelter, homeless shelter and other licensed facility, an employee can vouch for you at the poll (if the facility has provided the county with a certified list of employees).

If you are a college student you can use:
  • a current student fee statement showing your address in the precinct and photo ID card
  • a student photo ID if a college student housing list or list of students is on file at your polling place
  • If you are already registered and move within the same precinct, you may re-register at the polling place as well

Registration in Minnesota is permanent. You need to register again only when you change your name or address, or fail to vote in four years.

The Secretary of State's office has more information about voter registration.