Congratulations to Newly Elected School Board Members

The League of Women Voters Edina congratulates the newly elected School Board members:

  • Erica Allenburg
  • Matthew Fox
  • Ellen Jones
  • Owen Michaelson

Our best wishes as you work to keep Edina Public Schools great and continuing to improve.

Our thanks to David Goldstein and Lisa O’Brien for serving the schools and community so well over the last few years.

Also thanks to the other 6 candidates who ran in a very competitive race to keep EPS strong. Your efforts are appreciated.

And our community spoke clearly how well they support EPS by passing the referendum with a 70% YES vote. You all make Edina schools better.

Also want to thank the City Clerk, Deb Mangen, her staff, and all the Election Judges for making this process appear easy. It takes a lot of time and work to make a democracy look effortless. You all did that.

Part of what LWVE does is strive to make democracy work. To that end, this school election had a very strong voter turnout with 40.4% of eligible voters voting. This is highest turnout for a school election since Deb Mangen has been City Clerk. Thank you all for helping us make democracy work by making your voices heard.