Local Studies

Every year during what are called Lively Issues meetings of LWVE, members review our local positions and talk about the major public policy or governmental issues of Edina.

The Board receives a summary of these discussions and decides whether to recommend adoption at the Annual Meeting of a study on a particular topic to be conducted the following year. A study committee of LWVE members is appointed which then researches the topic, organizes informational meetings and writes a report and/or a study guide.

At the end of the study period, consensus questions on the subject are developed for Board approval and are the basis of a member discussion, the outcome of which is used to form the Edina League's position on the issue. We can then advocate to the public and city government tor this position as the occasion arises.

New LWVE Study Adopted

In February 2021, the LWVE membership adopted a new study on Racial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). The study will focus on businesses, institutions and organizations in the community, and is being co-chaired by Andy Otness and Paulette Hastings.

We are calling on members to join the study committee! The time commitment is now through March 2022. Participation may include researching existing DEI materials, interviewing entities in the community, compiling data, writing, and presenting findings. If interested in being a committee member, please email us at [email protected].