• Established LWVE in 1954 
  • Surveyed Edina residents door-to-door
  • Studied Edina taxes, parks & schools
  • Published The State You’re In and The Eager Leaguer newsletter


  • Published Know Your Town
  • Campaigned for new Edina Library


  • Studied solid waste disposal/recycling, environmental quality/controls & individualized instruction in Edina schools
  • Facilitated computerized voter registration
  • Held public meetings about acquisition of land for parks 
  • Advocated for construction of second Edina High School


  • Studied low-and-moderate income housing
  • Adopted position on recycling
  • Advocated for gender equity in schools
  • Campaigned for creation of Edina Community Center


  • Studied and acted on breaking the cycle of domestic violence, campaign finance reform, chemical health, child care & housing, education finance, health care, metro desegregation/integration, pesticide use, public facilities, meeting needs of senior citizens, teen pregnancy prevention, sustainability, waste management & water quality
  • Held town meetings as part of Making Democracy Work


  • Studied & adopted position on City Advisory Boards & Commissions;
  • Advocated for more diverse memberships & transparent operations
  • Studied & adopted position on Renewable Energy; advocated for creation of City Energy & Environment Commission
  • Established website and Facebook account
  • Organized community Buckthorn Abatement Project


  • Studied, adopted position & advocated for changes in policies governing Private Access to & Use of Public (City) Facilities
  • Proposed new City policy against scheduling non-emergency meetings on Christian, Hindu, Jewish & Muslim days of religious observance
  • Updated Transit into Transportation position, incorporating points from positions on Land Use/Environmental Quality & Senior Citizens 
  • Reviewed and updated position on Recycling to include language supporting organized hauling and collection of compostable materials, including food and yard waste
  • Funded scholarships for Edina High School graduating seniors 
  • Created a level of membership for students ages 16-22
  • Updated the City of Edina Advisory Boards and Commissions position to include LWVE review and reporting every three years
  • Recognized the centennial anniversary of women winning the right to vote with a year of community events and engagement


  • Responded to the global pandemic by conducting all meetings and events virtually, participating in a Vote from Home Campaign, and hosting candidate forums for viewing on lwvedina.org and local city cable channels
  • Established the Racial Justice Action Committee as part of the broader goal to advocate and participate in local action to work to eradicate discrimination and systemic racism

Ongoing Voter Service

  • Registered new voters & assisted voters with registration changes
  • Held moderated public forums with candidates for local & state office
  • Held meetings and special programs on topics of community interest