Public Facilities

LWVE supports public facilities in Edina which:
  • Balance public interests and needs with fiscal responsibility.
  • Respond to the diverse and changing needs of Edina.
  • Allow for citizen involvement in their governance

Private Access To and Use of Public Facilities

Adopted May 2010
LWVE supports:
  • A communications advisory body to advise the City Council and City staff on matters related to City communications.
  • The City periodically commissioning statistically valid resident surveys to acquire current data on resident preferences and priorities.
  • Editorial standards for City communications that reflect the priorities of the residents of Edina.
  • Policies related to private access to and use of public facilities in Edina that:
    • Are clearly written;
    • Are clear in scope, authority, and principle;
    • Arise from meaningful citizen participation;
    • Reflect the community’s priorities;
    • Provide for equitable access to and use of facilities;
    • Provide guidelines for exceptions;
    • Are readily accessible to citizens in print and electronic forms; and
    • Provide guidelines for reassuring safety for all users.
  • The publication of a comprehensive policy manual that is readily accessible to citizens in print and electronic forms.
  • The publication and ready accessibility in print and electronic forms of detailed budgets and annual financial statements for all recreational enterprise facilities and the Communications and Marketing Department/Communications fund.
  • Including budgets for all City funds in the City’s annual budget.