Senior Citizens

Updated May 2012, Updated June 2020 and May 2021
LWVE supports policies that are responsive to the senior citizen population in Edina, including:
  • A Senior Center with the following attributes: ample on-site parking; easy accessibility by its members; programs for diverse interest and needs; intergenerational uses; adequate staffing by professionals; inclusive of all Edina seniors; adequate funding by the City.
  • An adequate transportation system for Edina seniors which includes door-to-door service to the Senior Center; paid professional drivers; lower cost fares to other Edina locations.
  • Adequate, affordable, and accessible housing to meet the needs of seniors in Edina.
  • Continuation of City funding of public healthcare for seniors in Edina.
  • Support the continued operation of the Edina Senior Center and its Programs.
  • Support legislation and other initiatives which protect seniors and other vulnerable adults to ensure that they get safe, adequate, and respectful care in any setting and the care is free from abuse, neglect and exploitation, including financial exploitation.
  • Support educational efforts for seniors and their caregivers to help them determine the best and safest living facilities.