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Outline of MN with invitation details and photos of the MN representatives and senatorJoin Representatives Elkins, and Edelson, and Senator Franzen for Early Session Town Hall on Thursday, February 3 at 6:00 PM. This will be a virtual town hall held on Zoom, so be sure to request to join the meeting.

Thank You, Edina Election Officials

Colleen Feige, LWV Edina President, recently wrote a letter to the editor that was featured in the December 21 edition of the Sun Current.

To the editor:

LWVE The League of Women Voters Edina is grateful for the often overlooked heroes in our American democracy: the local election judges, workers and volunteers that make our system work. Many people may be surprised to learn that people most responsible for our elections are the members of our own community who serve as election judges. They are often our friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members. Each election judge solemnly swears to perform duties “according to law and the best of my ability and will diligently endeavor to prevent fraud, deceit and abuse in conducting this election. I will perform my duties in a fair and impartial manner and not attempt to create an advantage for my party or for any candidate.”

Every year, these election judges work with state, county and city staff to provide fair, accessible and accurate elections. Edina has about 300 election judges who serve to ensure we cast our votes freely and with confidence, knowing they will be carefully counted. They certainly contribute to the high voter turnout we see in Edina and across Minnesota.

Join me in appreciating and thanking those who are serving to safeguard our voting rights and elections.

Colleen Feige


LWV Minnesota News: We stand for civility

LWV Minnesota issued a statement denouncing the recent anti-Muslim commentary by Representative Boebert of Colorado. Read the statement on the LWV MN website.


2021 Edina Public School Board Election Results

On Tuesday, Nov 2, elections were held for many municipal , school district, and other local races. Below is a chart with the results from the Edina School Board race; the top four won seats on the board. Other results around the State of Minnesota can be found on the Secretary of State website.


Vote Total

Percentage of Vote

Nicole Schnell



Owen Michaelson



Michael Birdman



Karen Gabler



Dan Arom



Erica Allenburg






Source: MN SOS website

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