Watch the September 29 Candidate Forum

Candidates for Edina School Board debated on September 29. The following candidates participated: Christina Jordan and Regina Neville. .

 Watch the September 21 Candidate Forum

Candidates for Edina City Council debated on September 21. The following candidates participated: Kate Agnew, incumbent Ron Anderson, Janet Kitui, and Julie Risser.

 Watch the September 19 Candidate Forum

Heather Edelson for Minnesota House District 50A debated on September 19 at Edina City Hall.

 Watch the September 12 Candidate Forum

Candidates for Minnesota Senate Senate District 50, Doug Fulton
and Alice Mann, debated on September 12 at Edina City Hall.

Watch the September 8 Candidate Forum

Candidates for Minnesota Senate SD46, Ron Latz, and  House HD46B, Cheryl Youakim, participated in LWVE candidate forum.

Minnesota Redistricted

Every ten years, after the U.S. Census, congressional and legislative district lines are redrawn throughout the U.S. in a process called redistricting. New maps for Minnesota were published on February 15, 2022. Peter S. Wattson, the lead counsel of a lawsuit to ensure fair new districts in Minnesota, spoke to LWVE on Feb 28. Wattson explained what just happened in Minnesota: the process used to adopt new maps in Minnesota; what guided the Minnesota Special Redistricting Panel in deciding where the new boundaries should be; the timetable for adopting new precincts, wards, and local government boundaries that fit within the new congressional and legislative districts; and which new districts are likely to be most competitive. The slides from the presentation and maps ⬇️ are now available for viewing.

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