City of Edina Advisory Boards and Commissions

Adopted May 2006; Updated May 2018, Survey and Report done 2020
LWVE supports:
  • Codified, uniform term limits for all appointed advisory boards and commissions;
  • Appointments to advisory boards and commissions that reflect the demographics of the City of Edina, including youth, with goals of diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Accurate, consistent, accessible and timely publication of:
    • The purpose of advisory boards and commissions, openings on boards and commissions, and the application/appointment process;
    • Advisory board and commission member names, term dates and contact information;
    • City staff liaison names and contact information;
    • Advisory board and commission meeting notices, agendas and minutes.
  • Review by LWVE, every three years, of all advisory boards or commission appointments, application/appointment process, and publication of contact information/meeting notices/agendas/minutes. LWVE would report the findings of the review to the LWVE Board, the advisory board or commission, and the City Council within two months of completing our review.

Updated May 2021